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Search, confirm prices & availabilities, and book directly from our Retailer API.

With our Booking API, you get access to the most comprehensive ground transportation portfolio on the globe. Whether you are a top retailer in your market or just starting a new venture, our comprehensive solutions can help you boost your ground transportation coverage and sales.

With our simplistic approach and step by step documentation, you can integrate our API in no time.

We currently provide one of the fastest response time on the market across all our carriers.

We add new carriers and expand our inventory on a daily basis. Hence your coverage grow while your costs don’t. 

Distribusion aims to standardise the station codes across the bus industry, the same way IATA did in the flight industry. Our station codes are designed to represent specific locations using a set of 8 capital letters. The construction of such code follow a simple logic:

  • The first two letters represent the country
  • The next three, the city in which the station is located
  • The last three letters represent a more precise location

All our tickets are standardised and white labeled per operators. We offer users the possibilities to retrieve their tickets in pdf and mobile format. 

Our API documentation is pretty straight forward – and if you have any questions along the way, our engineering team is there to support you along the way. 

Our Partners

Connect only one endpoint to retrieve our entire inventory. 

All the required information is provided in the response from our search endpoint. 

We are continuously working to improve the UX of our affiliate page, in order to optimise conversion rate and boost the sales of our partners. 

Affiliate Deep Link

Search our content, and redirect your users to our payment page. From there, users can book their ride directly from our operators, using safe and secure solution.  

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